Saturday, August 19, 2017

Seeking Totality

We are off in pursuit of the Great American Eclipse! 

Our sights are set on a sandy butte in central Wyoming that will hopefully be removed from the biggest solar-viewing crowds but still smack dab in the Path of Totality, where the total eclipse will be seen. 

Today I headed off on this grand adventure with my husband, my fourth-born, my trusty red dog and of course, our highly-coveted eclipse glasses that we snagged from Amazon back in May. 

We crossed our home state of Washington on the diagonal, zipped across the northwest corner of our sister state, Oregon, and wound south and east through Idaho to the fair city of Twin Falls where we stopped for the night. 

As soon as we dropped our bags in the hotel, I grabbed my super long leash and headed outdoors with my enthusiastic dog     

We wandered through the open fields surrounding the hotel as the sun burned low in the sky, and while this brilliant red orb is pretty much the opposite of the shadowed solar phenomenon that we've come to see, I can't help but think we are headed in right direction. 

* * * * *

Here's the full story of my odyssey to the Great American Solar Eclipse

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