Sunday, August 20, 2017

Approaching Totality

Day Two of our Great American Eclipse road trip involved chasing down cheeseburgers in Utah and wild mustangs in Wyoming. We found exactly what we were looking for, and I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that our pursuit of the solar eclipse will end successfully as well. 

My new dog is proving to be a worthy road tripper. She gazes out the window, cools herself at the air conditioning vents, and dozes happily as we travel along. Baby was particularly fascinated with the wild horses we saw, which makes a lot of sense considering that she spent a good portion of her life living on a horse farm. As she sighted each group of horses, she would freeze and stare, her eyes locked onto their movements, her body focused in total concentration. After this busy and exciting day, she marched into the hotel room at 7:30 pm, threw herself into a heap on the bed pillows and hasn't budged for hours. 

Tomorrow is the big day. We still have about 150 miles to cover so the alarms are set for 4:30 am. I'm still torturing myself with visions of us all oversleeping, or a giant traffic jam or even an accident that would prevent us from actually seeing the eclipse. So I will be holding my breath until we are actually inside the Path of Totality. 

Wish me luck. 

* * * * *

Here's the full story of my odyssey to the Great American Solar Eclipse

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