Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Most Contented Dog

Ranger turned the big 1-2 today. 

Yep. My baby boy is twelve years old. Which makes him eighty-four in dog years. Yikes. 

To celebrate his birthday, I treated Ranger to a long, lovely walk in the late afternoon sunshine. 

I know. We do that every day. 

But back at home, my Irish lad was delighted and surprised when I served him a celebratory feast of ground beef, cooked to perfection and served over a bed of his usual dry dog food. 

He devoured every morsel with considerable enthusiasm.

And while that may seem like a bare-bones birthday, even for a dog, the truth is this. 

There's not a single thing more in this life that Ranger could want. He is, to be sure, a most contented dog. 


  1. Oh, if we could all just feel as Ranger does. Beautiful boy indeed!

    1. He has mastered the art of the simple life, no doubt about it.


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