Monday, June 1, 2015

When In Danang: Part Nine

When in Danang, get your nails done. 

Let's be honest.Vietnam is Mecca for the mani/pedi set. There's a nail salon on every corner and five U.S. dollars will buy an hour of pampering straight from heaven. 

Sea salt scrubs. 
Arm and leg massages.
Cuticle creams. 
Lotions and potions galore. 

In my American life, I never think to indulge myself in such frippery but here in Danang, professional nail care is an enjoyable and affordable novelty. 

When in Danang, get your nails done. 

* * * * *

Here are my other top ten tips for getting to know the sweet little city of Danang, Vietnam:

                    One | Ride across the bridges
                    Two | Hang out in coffee shops
                    Three | Play at the beach
                    Four | Stroll along the river after dark
                    Five | Fuel your creativity
                    Six | Go see the sunrise
                    Seven | Spend an afternoon wandering in Hoian
                    Eight | Play with babies
                    Nine | Get your nails done

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