Thursday, January 23, 2014

Missing Me

When Ranger and I return home from our daily walks, we are almost always greeted by a little man in a tuxedo.

Sometimes, he waits for us in the house, perched in the front window which affords him the best view of our approach. When we step onto the porch and open the front door, he's there to meet us, beaming with happiness.

More often, he can't bear to wait inside, and comes out to the front yard in anticipation of our return. We usually discover him hiding in the neighbors' bushes until the moment he hears our six feet enter the neighborhood. That's when he frolics out to give Ranger and me a surprise welcome, happily rubbing himself against Ranger's long rope and my legs. He's delighted to see us.

My sweet black and white cat, Sirius, throws us these fine welcomes, day after day after day. And though he is just a furry little kitty who adores his mommy and his big red dog, he reminds me of how nice it is to know that I've been missed.

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