Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Brick In The Wall

If you've seen one brick wall in Seattle, you've seen 'em all.

Pshhh. I don't believe that for a minute. Do you?

Of course not. So when my second-born and I went calling at that amazing graffiti wall in Sodo and found, to our horror and surprise, that it had been painted over in drab green and closed off with a big ol' nasty fence, we went looking for a Brick Wall Plan B.

We found just what we were looking for in Lynnwood.

Yes, that Lynnwood. Heart of the soulless suburbs, land of strip malls and chain restaurants, a series of on- and off- ramps in the concrete jungle. One might presume that no structures of any interesting character or history would be hidden in this cultural wasteland.

But one would be quite wrong. And these pics are the proof.

Sandwiched in between the post-modern convention center, upscale Alderwood Mall, and the local Kinko's, this desolate beast has been sitting abandoned for at least two decades.

Despite the aforementioned brick walls, it appears that a good, firm wind would blow the derelict rat hole to smithereens.

And you know, I find that very attractive. 

So my second-born and I, we came, we gazed, we walked around and shot our pictures through the chain link barricades that surround the joint.

The fences destroyed any possibility of selfies up against these gorgeously disheveled walls. But this was our one and only disappointment.

All in all, this was not just another brick wall. 

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