Friday, October 25, 2013

No Turning Back

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you.

In an unusual show of restraint, I completed only one corner of the room, as a test section. Just to see how I liked it.

Now that I've lived with them for a few days, I have to say, I'm insanely happy with how the spunky little circles are turning out.

For starters, they were extremely easy to install. One medium-sized hole punch and a few sheets of white card stock created plenty of dots. A tiny dab of that reusable tack for hanging posters and such on the back of each dot is all it took to dotify my space. 

After mulling many options about how to position the dots on the wall, I decided to put most my eggs in the 'random placement' basket. Starting a few inches up from the chair rail,  I visualized an orderly grid of dots, about twelve inches apart, and staggered from row to row. 

But then as I actually placed the dots on the wall, I purposely introduced chaos into my imaginary perfection. I can see a hint of the original rows in my design, but plenty of wonky off-kilter dots too. That is exactly how I like my life - and my dotted walls - to be.

And best of all, the dots are utterly and completely easy to move. At the snap of a finger, I can re-position them any way I like, or take them down altogether. This is no-commitment, experimental decorating at its finest, and I am a fan of that too.

Interestingly, this whole dotty business seems to have left my family speechless. Although I'm notoriously headstrong about doing projects to my own satisfaction, I've asked several members of the clan for feedback on this look. They tend to wriggle and squirm a little uncomfortably, and quietly mutter non-committal phrases like, "Maybe you could try them on the lower half of the wall...?"

I am cheerfully undeterred. I love my polka dot walls and as far as I'm concerned, there's no turning back!

* * * * *

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