Saturday, December 21, 2013

So Fresh And So Clean

The other day, I freshened up my big red balls. 

Yes, of course I'm talking about my garden art. What else could I possibly mean?

It was no big deal. Just gathered 'em up, rinsed 'em off with my favorite toy. The garden hose. 

And then I went all urban graffiti artist on 'em.

Which is to say that I applied a few fresh coats of spray paint. You knew exactly what I meant. 

Then I weeded out their little patch of green, settled them back onto place, and then hosed the whole area off, all fresh and clean-like. 

That's my OCD showing. 

Oh, I'm so happy to have this little corner looking tidy and neat.  It's the first bit of my yard that you see as you approach my house, and lets be honest. Nothing says 'Welcome!' like my freshly painted big red balls. 

* * * * *

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