Friday, May 17, 2013

Back With Baby Boy

On my second-to-last day in Malaysia, I went back to the food stall of my friend, Baby Boy.

Unlike my first visit, which happened after the stall had closed for the day, this time I came during working hours. I watched as Baby Boy and his baby brother prepared huge batches of nasi goremg - fried rice - and packed them into take-out boxes for the dinner rush.

Oh wait. In Malaysia, we say "take-away," not "take-out." My bad.

After the big crowds of early evening diners, Baby Boy made dinner for me. This dish is called Kuelaw Kungfu,and I ate every delicious bite. I offered samples to my friends, but honestly, I did not want to give up a single spoonful of this comforting plate of food. 

I also met Suraya, the waffle maker at this nearby stand. We talked for hours, between waffles, about life and love, and how to get by. She really made my day.

She also made me a chocolate-peanut butter waffle that was to die for. I enjoyed every morsel of that treat as well.

The sun went down, filling the sky with golden light, and it was good.

In fact, the whole day was good. But of all these good things, my favorite part of my visit with Baby Boy was watching him work.

He's the one in the back, wearing white.

Baby Boy has been a shop owner for just two and a half months. He's just a baby boss. But I'm already so impressed with his work.

His stall is neat, organized and clean.

He cooks quickly, efficiently, and as I have already demonstrated, deliciously.

He has taught his wife to expedite the orders and collect the money in a friendly and hospitable way. She's delightful.

And he has taught his younger brother to cook with confidence and style. Wisely, Baby Boy has placed this tall, handsome and tantalizingly single lad at the front of the stall, where the throngs of sweet, young, mostly female college students can feast their admiring eyes. 

Very smart move, Baby Boy. 

In fact, after my long day at the stall, I'm convinced that Baby Boy is not only a good chef but a surprisingly clever businessman  And maybe not such a baby after all.

* * * * * 

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* * * * *

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