Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Story About Baby Boy

Let me tell you about my Baby Boy.

Well, his proper name is Mohd Hazli Aziz. His friends call him Jeli or Li. But to me, he is Baby Boy.

There's a long story behind that nickname, but that is a story for another day.

Today's story is about food.

Because Baby Boy is a chef. Just last week, he won a three-year contract to operate a food stall on the campus of a big university near Kuala Lumpur. Owning this business is an important advancement in Baby Boy's career and I am very proud of him.

When I came to visit his new stall the other day, Baby Boy had a big surprise. He had prepared a special meal just for me! Sea bass, squid, green vegetables and a big plate of steamed rice; every bite was delicious and I ate till I was ready to burst.

But my very favorite part of the meal was the simple appetizer: a fresh fruit called rambutan, which translates as "hairy fruit."

One glance at this specimen will prove that that is a very apt name.

Happily, I learned that the ugly outside husk peels off easily to reveal a firm, sweet, juicy, white flesh inside that reminds me a bit of a plum. It was delicious.

And while I enjoyed every succulent bite of the four or five rambutans that I ate, the taste was not the best part.

The best part of all was when I told Baby Boy how much I loved that natural, wholesome treat. Because that was when he said to me, "I knew you would love the rambutan, Kakna, because you always love to eat fresh fruit at home."

That's a very good point, Baby Boy. You are exactly right. And it just goes to show that you are not only a wonderful chef, but also a true and thoughtful friend.

* * * * * 

Here is the story of my second visit to Baby Boy's stall, and the delicious food he cooked for me:

Back With Baby Boy

* * * * *

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