Monday, May 20, 2013

A Trail Of Treasures

As usual, Ranger and I went for a walk today.

As usual, we followed our established route of sidewalks and pathways, looping through neighborhoods and little patches of forest.

Much to my surprise, along the way, we discovered a series of simple chalk drawings. Clearly the work of the same artist, the sweet shapes were spaced every 15 paces or so. Just far enough apart that I couldn't see one from the next, just close enough together that I felt like I was following a treasure map. 

It might sound silly, but I found this trail of treasures to be an exciting, delightful surprise. I loved that someone had gone to the trouble to lay these little drawings out for me. And I loved that I was lucky enough to have found them before they were washed away by the rain, or scuffed away from other feet. 

And now I'm totally inspired to create a few treasure trails of my own. I'm imagining small painted rocks - turquoise, or maybe red - tucked in among the leaves and plants along the walkway. Or maybe ribbons tied in the tree branches. Or possibly balloons with notes inside? My imagination runs wild.

And I hope that whoever made this trail for me will stumble upon my little surprises, and feel the same sense of magic that I felt today.

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