Friday, March 8, 2013

Kidnapped, Part 1

On a sunny Sunday after non, I was kidnapped by a baby.

Well, her parents did most of the work. The baby mostly slept,

But still, I was whisked away from my already familiar Malaysian home-away-from-home, and hustled off to the hideout of another collaborator.

Okay. Just kidding. I was with my dear friends, Muahaha and Pija, their baby Ramona, and the one and only Merey Fitz.

After a little chitchat at Merey's apartment, we went out for food, a tour of Putrajaya, a snack, and then more food.

It was a lovely day for a kidnapping.

At Merey's apartment, he showed me this scene - the little origami elephant I sent him over a year ago, handing on his mirror where he sees it every morning as he gets ready for the day. Isn't he just the best?
Merey's collection of shoes. I've seen photos of these treasures before and was so happy to see them with my own eyes. They are beautiful.
Merey's apartment has a nice pool full of happy swimmers. This apartment complex is quite similar to the home of my primary host.
The friendly faces of my assailants, Muhaimin and Muhammad. But you can call them Abu and Merey. Every year, these two go to the Chinese fountain at the Pavilion to take photos for the Chinese New Year. They aren't Chinese. It's just something that they like to do. So this year, I was very honored to be included in their tradition.
Clockwise from the top: me, Merey, Abu, Pija, and baby Ramona. The five musketeers.
Merey with the camera. Look out.
Me: "You the man." Merey:"No, YOU the man!" Ramona: "I da baby!"
Merey and Abu are double-checking to sure they both look pretty in the previous shots.
After our photo shoot and a walk around the shopping district, we went for a meal. Don't ask which meal - I can't keep track. All I know is that I asked Merey to choose something for me, and it was delicious.
This is a popular Malaysian dessert called ABC. It starts out with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on top of fruit-flavored ice. That part was yummy.  Underneath the ice is sweet heavy syrup, condensed milk, and bits of fruits, nuts, red beans and rice. Unfortunately, I ran out of room long before I got down to the lower levels.
We wandered around Putrajaya after dark. This planned city is the new capital of Malaysia, and the location of the government's administrative offices. Walking down to the waterfront, we got a good view of the bridge that was our final destination for the evening.
We stopped to share a burger from a food truck. Because, you know, we were hungry. It had been at least an hour since our last meal.
This bridge at Putrajaya is lit by an ever-changing series of colored lights. Unlike most other spans I've visited, this one has ample space for parking, so travelers are encouraged to stop and stay for a while. On this late Sunday night in March, there were plenty of other people enjoying the view.
And if colored lights aren't flashy enough, the city of Purtrajaya threw in some fireworks for good measure. Ramona was a little startled but we all enjoyed the show.

* * * * * 

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