Thursday, March 7, 2013


Meet Aleesya.

She is a young woman of many moods, and as expressive as the day is long. In any given situation, I love to watch her face shift and change as her feelings evolve. One minute, she will be gaily singing a little song with a beaming smile on her face to light the world when suddenly she stops to ponder a new matter. With speed and cunning insight, she will probe the issue with a litany of questions. Depending on what she learns, her mood may momentarily darken as little storm clouds of disapproval cross her face. Or she may go into negotiation mode, offering point and counterpoint for any adult who dares to go up against her. Tears may flow, a trembling lip may linger, but in good time, our happy girl will gather up her sunshine and return to her cheerful melody.

She is a force to behold, this Aleesya Qaisara Binti Mohd Yuzairie, and I thoroughly enjoy her company.

* * * * *

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