Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween! Posing Black Cats

Four stories about Halloween:

* * * * *

All around the world, black cats are thought to be different and special, even supernatural. Some cultures consider them good luck, but at Halloween time in the United States, black cats are considered trouble.

Bah, I say to those silly superstitions! Over the years, I have had three all-black cats, and each one has been a sweet, friendly and very dear little creature.

Still, there's no denying that a black cat is considered a classic Halloween symbol, and therefore makes a perfect addition to a festive holiday doorstep. 

My first black cat, Blackberry, really knew how to play it up on Halloween. After dark, as the trick-or-treaters began walking up my sidewalk, Blackberry would prance out from the cover of bushes near the sidewalk and proudly walk back and forth in front of the visitors. She projected a lovely balance of mystery and friendliness, and the kids as well as their parents loved to see her out and about on this special night.

My current blackie, Luna, is a Halloween cat in training. I caught him striking some some awesome poses around the house during the daylight hours of Halloween, as shown in these photos. And since we often find him out on our front porch at night, I hoped he would make his first holiday appearance this evening.

But when the sun went down and darkness gathered, my little Halloween kitty curled up on his favorite bed and fell fast asleep. 

Maybe next year.

* * * * *

Trick or treat! Can I offer you a few more stories about Halloween?

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