Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween! Gathering Up Ghosties

Four stories about Halloween:

* * * * *

When I was a bitty little girl, maybe five years old, my friend taught me how to make these ghosts. Marilyn was my constant companion and playmate in the woods, and she had the stunningly clever idea of making lots of these to hang from tree branches, so that any other wanderers who came upon them would think the forest was haunted. 

Mmhmmm. We were imaginative and very hopeful children, weren't we.

Well, I'm not sure how many lives we changed with our sly plans, but these little ghostiess have stuck with me. Every Halloween, I make up a fresh batch of them - 20 or so - and use them to cast a holiday spell over my front porch.

Here's a quick rundown on how to make the little darlings.

You need two tissues per ghost. Unless you are like me, and find yourself almost out of Kleenex on Halloween afternoon, and then you have to improvise. I used one tissue plus three squares of toilet paper per ghost, and you know, it worked out just fine.

You'll also need some white thread cut into 8-inch pieces. 

Crumple up one of your tissues, or in my case, the toilet tissue. This will be ghostie's head Place it in the center of the other tissue, which will be his body. Or robes. Do ghosts wear clothes? I'm not entirely sure.

In one simple motion, wrap the outer tissue around the crumpled ball and hold it in place at his neck. So to speak.

While still holding the tissues in place, use your second and third hands to tie a thread around ghostie's neck, firmly locking his brains into place.

The smoother and simpler you can perform this task, the more fresh and flowing will appear ghostie's white robes. We wouldn't want a crumpled, sweaty little ghost, now would we?

Marilyn would be so disappointed.

* * * * *

Trick or treat! Can I offer you a few more stories about Halloween?

* * * * *

More stories of my magical childhood adventures:

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