Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fruits Of The Spirit: Patience

Have you ever considered what it might be like for a mother duck to cross a busy street?

{If you haven't, then I have a storybook for you. It's called Make Way For Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey, and you should not do another single thing until you track it down and read it. Promise me you will.}

At least once or twice a spring, while driving around my neighborhood, I encounter a young family of ducks taking on this huge challenge. And I am amazed at the determined leadership that the mother provides. Leading her brood across the overwhelmingly large {from a duck's perspective} expanse of asphalt, surounded by towering metal objects that make obscene amounts of noise, she makes her way calmly and cooly from one side to the other, with not so much as a glance over her shoulder to see how her babies are managing. 

Mother ducks inspire me with their enduring optimism and limitless patience.

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