Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fresh and Trim

Over the course of this week, I accomplished one of my major summertime goals..I repainted several pieces of outdoor furniture. 

The dark brown wicker loveseat on my front porch. 

The yellow wooden bench that lives on the far side of my driveway.

The white wooden chairs that sit along the edge of my front walk.

As is usually the case with me, a fairly simple job expanded to encompass many layers of questionably related sub-tasks. In addition to the actual painting, I ended up searching out new cushions on end-of-summer sales, trimming a giant mass of shrubs, negotiating some special repairs, and weeding for hours, just so my freshly painted pieces could go back to their usual places and look their absolute best. 

And I'm feeling that special sense of satisfaction that comes from fixing up old things and making do with what I have, instead of just buying new. For the price of three cans of spray paint and some deeply discounted and long overdue cushions, my front yard furniture is looking fresh and trim.

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