Monday, April 2, 2012

Buppable Ranger

{Warning: This post will probably only make sense to dog lovers. The rest of you may find it a bit strange and I apologize for that in advance.}

Ever since my dog Ranger was a wee little lad, he has had a remarkably cute nose.

By nose, I mean not only the little blackish bit but his whole furry red muzzle. There is just something so cute and friendly about that part of his face; I've always found it quite irresistible. In fact, his very first nickname was Bup, so named by my daughters who could not help themselves from cupping a hand around the front end of his puppy-sized muzzle and giving it a little tap, a gesture that became know as a 'bup.' 

As the years have gone by, Ranger's bupping zone has only become more stylish and personable. A nasty illness that he suffered as a two-year-old left him with bumpy scar tissue on the top of his muzzle that lends a charming scruffiness to the fur that has grown back. His golden years have brought a touch of silver to his fur, lending to his rugged good looks. 

And moments before this photo shoot, he had been enjoying a car ride with the windows down and fresh rain on his face, thus the sweet little drops of water in his fur. 

My dog, Ranger, is quite the buppable bloke.

* * * * *

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