Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I {Heart} Valentine's Day Food

Growing up, my mother's holiday rituals were simple and to-the-point. On Valentine's Day, we were greeted at the breakfast table by our usual slice of toast..but on this special day, the bottom corners of the bread were cut away and the top spread with strawberry jam to resemble a red heart. Thus, our ordinary meal was transformed into something magical. Very simple, I know, but in that simplicity lies the charm that makes the memory so special to me, all these years later.

May your Valentine's Day table be heart-y and sweet.

Toast and jam
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with pink and red sprinkles
Rice Krispie treat valentines

Chicken pot pie

Cupid's Arrow red velvet cupcakes

Raspberry-almond financiers

Cranberry-orange pinwheel cookies

Italian nut biscotti

Cheese fondue with toasted heart-shaped bread

Chocolate fondue

* * * * * 

More sweet whisperings of Valentine love:


  1. Love the story about your mom! I've always loved little details like that. I used to make my brother's food into a smiley face... just to see his reaction! Ha. PS: putting your new button in my sidebar right now!!

    1. Sometimes I think food is better than any other gift..it can bring a smile and create a memory that will last a lifetime. Sounds like you and Baby L-Rock have that kind of bond.


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