Monday, January 23, 2012

Festive Garlands: Part Four

Thought I had finished my fascination with garlands, did you? False. After blogging about them herehere and here, I am back for more. This time, my inspiration looked like this:

Life as a Thrifter


My basic plan of attack was to use my beloved Fiskars circle punches to create heaps of perfect discs from various white and off-white papers. Here are my comrades - they are worth their weight in gold:

I have both the large and medium size punches; you'll notice that the medium guy lost one of his blue handles. No matter. They both punch like champs and I can always count on them to get the job done.

Next job was to round up paper. As you recall, this year's garland theme was white. Well, mostly white. Since I had already done quite a few pure white garlands (and had more in mind), I decided to play up the color scheme by introducing some off-whites. I used old book pages, just a little bit of plain white and a lot of paint chips, absconded from ever faithful Home Depot. I feel a little bit guilty about grabbing up handfuls of their paint chips when I have absolutely no intention of using them to buy paint...remember how we used to preach about illegal music downloads? But then I remind myself of how much money I regularly pour into the coffers at that store, and I feel better again.

Alright, so I just started punching circles of various sizes, doing my best to use up every square centimeter of my materials. Armed with my trusty dental floss and a lot of tacky glue, I glued pairs of circles onto lengths of the floss in matching sizes, but not necessarily matching colors. I matched the circles from old book pages with plain white paper, and I created pairs of mismatched colors from the paint chips. The possibilities were vast and I let my imagination inspire me to the following results.

P.S. One night as I was happily working away on these garlands, my well of tacky glue suddenly ran dry. Too late to go out for more, I turned to my glue inventory to find another soldier to do the job. Hmm. Gorilla Glue. That should be fine, right?

"No. Don't do it. You'll regret it. You always regret using Gorilla Glue," said one of my daughters. 

"Oh, gosh. Quit worrying. I can handle a little Gorilla Glue." I smugly replied.

Could I handle it? No. Once that stuff is unleashed, it becomes a foamy, expanding, slippery disaster.

Did I regret my decision to break it out? Yes. At least a little.

Have I learned my lesson, once and for all, about the volcanic and thoroughly uncontrollable properties of the beast inside the GG bottle? I sincerely doubt it.

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