Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"It'll be alright when the morning comes." - Hall & Oates

Early morning view of the Shoshone River in Cody, Wyoming, just east of Yellowstone. 

As expected, I woke up this morning feeling perfectly normal.

No, I'd go so far as to say better than normal.

Construction, reflection and other forms of organized chaos greet the day in Singapore.

Ready to get on my game, organized and rested, I tackled the first day of school after Christmas break with equal parts I-missed-this-lovely-routine and next-stop-is-spring-break. 

And even though last night - the night before the first day back - was the absolute rock bottom of my annual emotional cycle, I knew my funk wouldn't last. 

Sunrise over the South China Sea near Danang, Vietnam.

Sometimes, a good night's sleep makes all the difference in the world.

* * * * *

Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas with me!

The Ninth Day

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