Friday, January 8, 2016


"What's it like up there? How's it feel up there?" 

- The Music

As the rhythms of my holiday celebrations reverberate through the Twelve Days of Christmas, I find that I am sorely in need of a break.

And when my second-born suggested that we head up into the mountains to look for some snow, the perfect opportunity was presented.

Along with my fourth-born, we set of on a New Year's Eve afternoon getaway.

 ^ We cruised up Highway 2 toward Stevens Pass, a very familiar route, and decided to turn off on all the mysterious side roads that we have up till now ignored in our mad pursuit of the Pass.

Impetuously, we veered off the highway just before the tunnel, toward Money Creek Campground. The campground was firmly locked down for the winter but just beyond, we found golden sunlight, quiet lanes and friendly snow folk to greet us.

^  A few miles further east, we wandered around Skykomish. The closest incorportated area to Stevens Pass, I've always assumed Skykomish is nothing more than a gas station along the main road. Surprisingly, we found a viable little town there, with a library and a small grocery and plenty of well-stocked woodsheds.

 If I had an extra hundred grand lying around, I would scoop up a little house there in a heartbeat.

^ Turning the car downhill as the afternoon shadows lengthened, we made time for one more adventure which turned out to be my favorite one of the day. Little Index, another blink-and-you-miss-it mountain town afforded showstopping views of nearby Mount Index, a fantastic old trestle bridge, and icicles to die for.

* * * * *

We watched the last sunset of 2015 as we rolled back into town. While much of the world was gearing up for the biggest party night of the year, my daughters and I leaned back into the quiet calm of a day spent exploring in snowy mountains.

We didn't need a party. We'd already had something much better.

A getaway.

This song is about a different kind of getaway - even more powerful and profound than mine.

* * * * *

Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas with me!

The Ninth Day

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