Friday, July 11, 2014

Grateful For Graffiti (And A Good Friend)

What do you call a person who:

a) feeds you ridiculously delicious food at all times of night and day,
b) makes you perfectly comfortable as a guest in his home, even sending you goodnight texts at bedtime, and
c) takes you interesting places to see the sorts of things that he knows you love?

I'm very lucky to have such a person in my life, and I call him Baby Boy.

On a sunny afternoon in Shah Alam, Malaysia, he and his wife and baby son brought me out to see this amazing graffiti wall.. He knows I have a passion for art in general, and street art in particular, and he took me here just to make me happy.

^ He even took pictures for me as I walked along the street and explored the paintings. 

^ And I took one looking back at him.

 ^ The graffiti on this remote street was stylistically quite different than the street art I've seen in Seattle. More raw and visceral. And angry.

 ^ Later, we drove around the nearby neighborhoods to see some other works, which were done in a more conventional and cohesive mural style. 

^ And in our explorations, we stumbled upon this perfectly stacked arrangement of the ubiquitous red plastic chairs of southeast Asia. Technically, I suppose this can't be considered street art but I must say that I found the composition to be absolutely gorgeous.

So thank you, Baby Boy, for this awesome graffiti adventure. I'm graffateful that you are my friend.

* * * * *

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