Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lunch At Baby Boy's House

Last time I was in Malaysia, my friend, Baby Boy, cooked for me at his food shop. And yes, he prepared some fabulous meals there for me again this time as well.

But this time, Baby Boy also served me some delicious treats in his very own home

^ Like this fantastic feast of steamed crab with vegetables and ramen noodles. Every bite was savory and smooth, and I should know because I took about a billion bites. I do some serious overeating when Baby Boy cooks for me.

^ Not to be outdone by her husband's skills at the stove, Baby Boy's wife, Ira made me this banana split for dessert. I enjoyed every sweet and soothing morsel.

Thanks, Baby Boy and Ira, for feeding me like a princess. I'll come back for lunch again soon!

* * * * *

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