Friday, February 21, 2014

Powering Through

When I ripped open the first bag of concrete and began my counter top renovation, I was brimming with confidence. 

Sure, I expected some hard work. Everything good comes at a price and home improvement projects are no exception to that rule. Especially when the main ingredient is concrete. But the tutorials I read stressed over and over that this technique was straightforward and relatively hassle free, so my attitude was positive and my outlook was definitely optimistic.

Two weeks into the project, I now know what I underestimated.

The mess.

Thanks to multiple rounds of extensive sanding, a substantial layer of concrete dust has settled over my existence. The kitchen, of course, is ground zero for this fallout, but this heinous substance has spread to infect most of the first floor of my home. 

I've put up with it for as long as I can. But the past few days, my sanity demanded that my attention shift from the almost-finished counter tops to cleaning up the debris. Honestly, this job has been a royal pain in the neck and my attitude has been flagging.

Which is why I bought myself this handful of pink tulips. Beacons of hope and beauty, they calm my dusty nerves and remind me that good things can arise from dirt. 

Thank you, pink tulips, for helping me power through this mess.

* * * * *

A break-down of my kitchen upgrade adventure:


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    1. Me too! They are just so neat and orderly, plus their colors are so vibrant and spunky.


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