Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pay Dirt

After yesterday's grubby session of mixing and spreading concrete over my kitchen counters - layer four - I treated myself to another dream and scheme session on Pinterest.

The purpose of my mission was to continue my research on possible cabinetry updates. I'm committed to keeping at least some of my cabinets in their original wood mode. But I'm also open to painting or staining a portion of them, or coming up with some other DIY upgrade:

^ I can get excited about a lot of different ideas, and I happily mulled these options as well as many others.

But somehow, I couldn't imagine myself actually pulling the trigger on any one of these possibilities. These rooms are gorgeous but they just don't feel like me. For a while, I was stumped, stymied and a little bit confused about how to move forward.

Then I remembered another kitchen. I had saved a photo of this beauty on my hard drive, back in the pre-Pinterest days when I accumulated digital inspiration through my own methodolgies. So I dug back into my Beautiful Homes folder, and voila, I found it:

A quick Google Image search later, and I was engrossed in the entire Apartment Therapy post from which my lovely photo apparently came. One gorgeous angle after another, the shots of this kitchen blew me away.

The natural wood upper cabinets.
The boldly colored stain on the lower cabinets.
The simple and sleekly modern hardware.
The inventive tool cart repurposed as an island.
The concrete-look alike counters.
The adorable dog gazing in wonderment as his human cooks.

Yes. After a quick study, I can easily imagine how to transform my space with a few simple changes to look something like this. Heck, I've already nailed the upper cabinets, the counter tops and the adorable dog.

But more important than a manageable work plan, this photo lights a spark in me. It just feels right. I can envision my kitchen looking like this, and I can see myself living in this space and loving every minute of it. I'm filled with that familiar and overwhelming sense of conviction that says, YES. This is the way to go.

In other words, my search for kitchen inspiration is over. I've finally hit pay dirt.

* * * * *

A break-down of my kitchen upgrade adventure:

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