Sunday, November 23, 2014


In amongst the usual kooky Buzzfeed links, You Know You Were An 80s Kid photos, and gratutious Kim Kardashian booty memes, I've lately run across this sweet sentiment:in my various social network feeds:
There are two types of best friends: 
There's the best friend who shares everyday life with you.. You see each other a couple times per week, and talk almost every day, staying up to date and tuned in to every little thing in each other's lives.  
And there's the best friend who rarely pops up in your life. You don't often get the chance to spend time together, and your conversations are few and far between. But still, you know deep in your heart that that person will always understand you and be there when you need them most. 
Aww. Precious, right? There are times when I would probably find those words to be sloppy sentimentalism, if not estrogen-infused mush.

Today, however, it seems that this wisdom is exactly what I needed to hear.

Of course, just about everyone over the age of twelve has known the joys of the bff. And anyone older than twenty has reunited with a childhood buddy and felt the intervening years miraculously slip away to nothing. At any given time, if we are playing our cards right, we usually have a few close friends in each category to bring balance into our lives.

But lately, I have to say, my friendship scales have been a little bit out of whack.

Over the past few years, each for different reasons, my closest, dearest, most trusted friends - the ones who truly get me - have drifted, one by one, from that first category to the second. Where once they were an integral part of my daily life, we now live our lives mostly apart.

Now I'm not necessarily complaining about that. I mean, sure, sometimes I really miss sharing my life with these people and I treasure the memories of those bygone days. But I also acknowledge that when we do manage to connect, our friendships are every bit as alive and rich and magically bff-y as ever.

Maybe even more so.

Maybe the best friendships deepen and intensify when they are stretched across the distance of time and space.

Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

And maybe, right now, when I am missing my faraway bffs so sharply, is the perfect time to let them know how much they mean to me.

Yep. Just as soon as I finish this important and scientifically valid quiz, that's exactly what I will do.

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  1. Thanks for including me in your list of long-distance BFFs. I certainly feel the same way, especially with the miracle of Facebook. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Jim & I went to NYC/Brooklyn for Thanksgiving week to visit Collin and girlfriend, Amy. (Plus my sister went to visit my nephew and his wife.) Then we came back, and school happened. Update: I have the best job in the world—reading intervention in an elementary school with 90% Hispanic population and a wonderfully supportive principal.) We’re coming to Seattle for Christmas to see Patrick, Micah, Paxton-2, & Ozero-6 mos (that was my dad’s name) and Natalie (who’s currently in Cape Town on a mission trip for 3 weeks). Collin’s coming too. (Amy is going to London with her dad.) I hope we can get together for some of that magical “it’s like I just saw you last week” time. BTW—I was “completely sane” according to the OCD Quiz.


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