Sunday, October 18, 2020

Done Is Better Than Perfect

As usual, I'm up to my armpits in big, messy chores and long-haul projects around the house.

Weeding and laying fresh bark on a big section of the side yard, 
hanging the art for my worked-on-'em-all-summer-long gallery walls, 
decluttering the last few corners of my garage,
and laying in plans for an attic renovation

are certainly fun and rewarding assignments, but these are the kind of jobs that require weeks (months!) of patience, determination, and long-haul dedication. Rome was neither built nor decluttered in a day. 

But today, I was craving a quick and easy, high-impact project that would require no more than a damp dust cloth and a couple thousand steps, and I landed on one I've been considering for months.

* * * * *

My inspiration comes from a fantasy I've been harboring about enjoying a relaxing drink before dinner.

This fascination undoubtedly comes from childhood memories of the Dick Van Dyke Show, in which beautiful wife Laura often greets affable husband Rob as he bounces in the front door from a long day of work in the city by offering him a drink. 

I think it's a lovely tradition, this clinking of glasses and taking a relaxing breath before launching into the dinner hour and all the chaos that comes with it. And that goes for drinks with or without actual alcohol. I'm a huge fan of the mocktail.

* * * * *

After a few feeble and mostly failed attempts to instate this tradition in the family over the summer, I decided today was the day to stock these shelves in the living room with beverage essentials, and see if the dedicated space might help to kick start the habit.  

So I freed up some space and gathered up a handful of glasses and bottles to display here. 

This is just a start. It'll be a snap to add a few bottles of seltzer water, a lime or two, and a few of my husband's favorite high ball glasses. I'm also thinking about adding some fabric or patterned paper to line the back of the top two compartments, to hide that less-than-ideal view of the lamp cord and cold air return. 

For today, however, I'm calling this project done and I'm ready to celebrate. Care to join me for a drink?

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