Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A COVID-19 Update

 I really hate to be the bearer of bad news but, due to COVID-19, the 2020 Seattle Saint Patrick's Day parade had officially been cancelled. Our redheads are going to be so disappointed. 

As of tonight, Washington has been hit with 23 deaths from COVID-19. Of those, 20 were residents of the Kirkland nursing home. Department of Health data reveals that the at-risk population appears to be older people especially those with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart, lung, or kidney disease. Tests reveal that the disease is spreading; new cases in King County (Seattle) tops the state tonight with 116 confirmed cases, and my Snohomish County takes second place with 37.

Gracie absolutely loved the mix-and-mingle at last year's parade pre-funk.

Despite the dire statistics, life goes on:

Here in Mukilteo, one high school and two elementary schools have been closed intermittently for cleaning after someone tested positive. To put that in perspective, we have three high schools, four middle schools, and eleven elementary schools. So most kids are getting to school most of the time.

An employee at our neighborhood Boeing wide-body jet plant tested positive for COVOID-19 recently, and is now quarantine and receiving treatment. People who worked closely with that person have been asked to self-quarantine; the affected work spaces and common areas were thoroughly cleaned. Boeing has asked employees who can work from home to do so, and assures employees that they are following all recommended health and safety. Otherwise, they are still building planes.

The Mukilteo Ferry keeps plugging away. Authorities have asked passengers to consider staying inside their cars during the crossings, which seems reasonable. That and some extra cleaning, and of course a reminder to stay home if you're sick rounds out the Washington State Ferries' advice.

I wish I had a shot that included all sixteen Irish Setters prancing down the street together. Tails a-wagging  tongues a-lolling, and red coats gleaming in the partly cloudy sun, they were a glorious sight to behold. 

Walking Around:
Gracie and I take our daily walks as usual, and we see a fair number of folks out and about - commuters heading home from the bus stops, teenagers wandering here and there, other dog walkers with their beasts. Pedestrian activities around here vary wildly with the daily temperature and amount of water falling from the sky, but for the past few lovely sunshiney March afternoons, I'd say it's business as usual out on the streets. 

My Classes:
One of my student's siblings have what appear to be common colds, but just to be sure, we cancelled class today. The parents of my co-op students have prudently decided to cancel their gatherings, which mix and mingle kids from half a dozen different families. I'm good with these healthy precautions. In lieu of face-to-face meetings, I can teach via videos and follow up with phone calls, and we can stay on track indefinitely.

Yes, we are talking about coronavirus quite a bit up here in these parts. But sensibly, most people stress the importance of commonsense prevention and not letting the over-hyped media get into our heads.

My little Irish pickle and me. 

Here in coronavirus country, we are keeping calm and carrying on.

* * * * *

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