Saturday, February 29, 2020

Great State Burger

We were knee-deep into a Seattle shopping trip at University Village when we realized we were starving. 

Three adult daughters with very different ideas about  what would make for a good lunch. 

A wide variety of restaurants at the mall, all carrying premium price tags

And me working a new eating plan requiring protein, protein, and more protein. 

As we lounged on the couches in the Anthropologie furniture display, I flipped open my Google app, and took a deep breath, knowing that this was going to be a project. 

And then, straight from heaven, the perfect inspiration fell onto my comfortably seated lap. 

Great State Burger. 

Fun but not fancy. 
Just a few blocks away. 
Favorited by all my offspring. 
And well within my eating plan parameters.

Besides putting out a delicious menu of cheeseburger basics, Great State emphasizes natural food from local sources. The beef is grass-fed, the milkshakes  have real strawberries, the packaging is all compostable or recyclable: this is the kind of  business that I really like to support. 

So off we sailed, and soon we were seated in quirky schoolroom-style wooden chairs with turquoise accents, our heart-eyes beaming at the tray full of beautiful food. In silence, we devoured every morsel and then sat back and smiled at each other in delicious satisfaction. 

Great State Burger was a perfect choice for lunch. 

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