Monday, January 6, 2020

910 Days

For the first 910 days of my dog's life, she lived with other people.

Her breeder and her doggy family in Florida.
Her first owner on a horse farm in Oregon.
Her second owner delivering mail in nearby suburban Seattle.

Then Gracie came to me.

And now, she has lived with us for a second 910 days.

So. As of today she has spent exactly half of her life with me.

And starting tomorrow, she will have spent more than half with me.

Now I have no idea what Gracie might remember from her former lives. I've seen some cute video of her tussling around with her itty bitty littler mates, and some footage of Gracie and her sister romping around in a horses' watering trough that looks purely magical. I hope that somewhere in the depths of her sweet doggy mind, she remembers those lovely moments

But to be honest and utterly selfish, I hope most of the old memories have faded, and all she knows now is 910 days of sharing life with me. 

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