Monday, October 8, 2018

Winds Of Change

Look, here's the truth, when your kids move out of the house, emotions run wild.

And rather than drowning in a sea of bittersweet tears, I am determined to forge ahead into a beautiful new season of life.

I quickly realized that the epicenter of my sadness was my older daughters' now-empty bedroom.

Well. The room wasn't completely deserted. Left behind was a hodgepodge of unwanted furniture, bare walls, and cast-off belongings that did not make the cut to be packed up and moved out.

My challenge is to keep those old things in place while inviting the winds of change to transform this room into something beautiful and new. Here's what I've accomplished in a week.

^ First, new lamps. Dark rooms are depressing rooms and neither Siruis nor I are down with that. 

 ^ New pillows. Gracie takes them for a test drive. She approves. 

^ New plants and sheepskin rugs. Check and check.

^ I found this watercolor cactus at IKEA over the summer; and it spoke to me. I didn't know it at the time, but it was announcing its intention to serve as the inspiration for this makeover. 

And this sturdy old student desk has announced its willingness to be upgraded from childhood to a chic and stylish new purpose that has yet to be envisioned. The base of the ancient black lamp, just so you know, still bears the outlines of some glow-in-the-dark star stickers. 

^ A mash up of old things and new things breathe a hint of life into the trusty old Expedit. 

And while I work through these changes and imagine how to shape this room for the future, Luna and Gracie nap in a comfortable heap on my bed. They remind me that when I'm willing to embrace the winds of change, anything is possible. 

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