Monday, July 9, 2018

One Year Ago Today

It was exactly one year ago today that I opened my front door and this bonnie lass bounded into my life.


She sprang through the doorway and flashed from room to room, exploring every corner upstairs and down. Eventually, she caught up with me and her foster mom, Kelly, on the back patio, and ran another careful investigation of the back yard.

I offered her a baby carrot. Eagerly she slipped it out of my hand, bit down once, and then spit the two pieces in a graceful arc across the bricks.

Baby doesn’t like carrots. Point taken.

After a half hour of visiting and plenty of assurances that we would love this crazy redhead forever, Kelly made her way to the door and slipped away.

Our new dog noticed and immediately set up mourning for this human she had known just 24 hours.

In a classic diversionary tactic, I clipped a leash to her collar and set off on a walk.

I decided to stop by our Irish Setter loving neighbors (who in fact had steered Kelly and this orphaned dog in my direction) only to discover that Kelly had had the same idea.

Oh dear.

So we kept our visit short and soon headed off on our first walk together.

My new walking buddy heeled like a champ. She was bouncy and full of frisk,and I was more sure than ever that I’d found a dream companion.

Once we got back home, however, the whining set up again. I’d never had a dog with separation anxiety before and honestly, it broke my heart.

For lack of a better idea, I curled up on one end of the couch, patted the other end till my girl took the hint and claimed her place.

Then we both fell sound asleep.

I don’t recall how long we slept;

At least thirty minutes.
Not longer than an hour.

But I know for sure that when we awoke, there was no more whining. At that exact moment, one year ago today, my new dog and I were bonded, and our new life together had officially begun.

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