Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Life

This is me holding my newborn baby brother when he was just a few days old. 
I have always had a thing for new life. 

Everyone loves Easter

It's a day to celebrate baby bunnies and daffodils and pastel-colored eggs hiding in grass still wet with morning dew.

In simple terms, Easter is about new life, and everyone can get excited about that.

Now, I know that some Christians get a little frustrated about this. While other folks are nibbling on chocolate rabbits and snapping photos of spiral-cut ham, they want to talk about dying on a cross and an empty tomb and a dead man who stands up and walks.

And I understand that, to a point. I'm all about that resurrection life.

But here's the thing. For some people, that story is too much to handle. In fact, for the first thirty years of my life, I cringed at that story. I wasn't ready to wrap my head around a gritty Easter tale of violence and murder. I needed fuzzy ducklings, sweet-smelling lilies, and a bowl full of jelly beans to get me through the day.

Now, I love the full meaning of Easter Sunday, But rather than pushing back against the Easter basket crowd, I'm convinced more than ever that they have a handle on the truth.

If Easter is about anything at all, it's about the joy of new life.

May we celebrate this beautiful day in all its blessed forms.

* * * * *

More Easter stories? Yes. 


  1. Beautiful, Diane. Happy fuzzy ducklings, sweet-smelling lilies and colorful jelly beans... He is risen, indeed! HAPPY Easter! Alleluia! -h


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