Thursday, March 9, 2017


On this International Women's Day and every day, I hope to bring some light to my sisters.

I'm a lousy feminist.

Because here's the thing. Gender equality makes no sense to me.

Well, in terms of constitutional rights and insurance plans and equal pay for equal work, yes. Finances and economics between the sexes should definitely be a level playing field.

But we women should never dream of being equal to men.

To be sure, men have plenty of good qualities all their own. But we women are so much more than just their wannabes.

We are social creatures who thrive in circles of support with our sisters, mothers and daughters.
We are nurturers; we not only give life but protect and support the weak and vulnerable among us.
We are creative, imaginative problem solvers, and we work together for the common good.
We understand the limitations of money and power, and we don't easily fall into those traps.
We feel emotions with great intensity.
We talk. We are quite gifted at verbal interaction.
We see connections and correlations in the world and in our relationships.
We celebrate out strengths but acknowledge our vulnerabilities too, which brings us power even in our weakness.
We are devoted and trusting and loyal.
We are beautiful and passionate, funny and lively.
We are smart and objective and wise, open-minded and insightful.
We get the concept of balance, and while we can spin a lot of plates, we also know when to let go.

We are women, and we don't want to be anything else.


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