Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The New Pink

Oh, how I've dreaded this day.

I've known it was coming for a long, long time. 

It's been at least five years since the writing appeared on the home design wall. The 80s in all their pastel glory, would eventually be back, and then we would be facing the return of that nemesis of all 80s colors: 


Also known by its alias: dusty pink

This color committed many decor designs in its day and along with my dread, I've been curious to see how it would be reworked to look something less than dated, frumpy and awful.

Which seemed an impossible challenge. 

But miracles do happen, people.

Mauve has been reinterpreted for the post-millennial home as blush.

Blush. Like a young girl's cheek. That's so sweet.

And the color has been reformulated from its dusty greyed-out tones that look like they'd been put through the wash a few too many times to a gentle, just-this-side-of-pale-peach perfect-as-baby-skin pink.

I'm shocked with myself for saying this.

But I kinda love the new pink.

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