Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas Tree-Hunting Blues

My husband snapped shut his map app and steered the car back onto the country road as I delivered my line with perfect timing and my best Chicago twang:

We're on a mission. A mission from God. 

He's not one for laughing out loud, but I saw the hint of a smile on my husband's face as he gunned the accelerator for effect, scattering a satisfying spray of gravel across the pavement. 

Our hunt for a Christmas tree had indeed assumed somewhat epic proportions. The first tree farm was sold out; the second one had a line-up of at least a hundred cars - no joke - waiting to get in. That's when we held an impromptu family pow wow, agreed to double down on one last farm, and conducted a quick roadside Yelp session to find another option and make our Christmas dreams come true. 

We really were on a mission from God

And thankfully, He provided. 

^ Finally we found ourselves in a field full of lovely options. But before we get into the delicate negotiations of selecting a tree, there's some Instagramming to be done.

^ There are advantages to late afternoon tree-shopping: sunlight filtered through the trees and brilliant highlights shimmered on each delicate needle. 

^ Peace signs, hack saws, and two daughters happy to finally be out of the car. 

^ Fish Creek Tree Farm did not disappoint. The Christmas tree of our dreams was soon harvested, paid for, and strapped to the top of our car.

Our mission from God was successfully completed.

Now, if only my daughters would catch up on their 1980s comedy so they could understand my clever reference.

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