Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wise Words

I am also sending him this. I hope he likes it.

I have a friend who is in a dark place.

A profoundly and desperately dark place.

The results of this week's election mean precious little to him. His burdens are unaffected by presidential politics.

When I write to him, I try to offer him hope in my own words but I also like to enclose a meaningful quote. Here is what I sent to him today.
"Darkness comes. In the middle of it, the future looks blank. The temptation to quit is huge. Don't. You are in good company... You will argue that there is no way forward. But with God, nothing is impossible. He has more ropes and ladders and tunnels out of pits than you can conceive. Wait. Pray without ceasing. Hope." 
- John Piper
No matter what your darkness may be, I pray that these wise words will resonate with beauty and clarity in your aching heart.


  1. That is a beautiful quote, and so true!

  2. Amazing how much comfort we humans can take from a few well-chosen words. God is so good!


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