Sunday, November 20, 2016

My LUSH-ious New Shower

Long story short, I remodeled my shower to show off my soap.

But as my down-to-earth contractor pointed out, it's easy to over-design a space with extravagant and expensive details.  Better to keep the overall look simple and clean, he advised, and let just a few personal touches shine through.

Immediately, I appreciated his wisdom and knew exactly how to proceed. 

My focal point would be... soap. 

Now it may seem counter-intuitive to plan a bathroom around something so temporary and insignificant as a bar of soap, but that is exactly what I did.

However, this isn't your ordinary bar of Irish Spring. 

I'm obsessed with snooty, upscale, artisinal, hipster soap.

And now my simple, white, pure and clean  shower stall - as well as the still-to-be-remodeled-rest of the bathroom - sets off my earth-toned bath bombs and golden body butters. 

And it all looks pretty LUSH-ious to me. 

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