Wednesday, November 2, 2016

My Cubs Cups

I'm ridiculously excited.

Today is the day. 

I've been dreaming of using these Chicago Cubs cups for exactly thirty-two years.
And today is the day I will finally drink from them.

This story begins in the fall of 1984, when my then-hometown Cubs had earned themselves a spot in the playoffs for the first time in decades. On a run through the grocery store, a package of Cubs-logo drink cups caught my eye, and I snatched them up, thinking they would be perfect for celebrating this milestone playoff run.

Once I got them home, I had second thoughts. 

These cups were special. 
More than playoff special.
These gems were World Series special. 

And I made a promise to myself that I would use the cups when - and only when - the Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series. 

Alas, the Cubs did not make it to the Series in 1984.
I pushed the cups to the back of the cupboard and told myself, "Just wait till next year." 

The team didn't even make the playoffs in 1985 and my cups gathered dust.

In 1986, I moved across the country to Seattle, where my Cubs cups have been living in the bottom of my pantry for the past thirty years.

My children grew up with the story of the cups. Every now and then, the girls and I would dig the cups out of their hiding place, smooth down the aged plastic bag, admire the cute little bear cubs, and dream of the day - surely the day was coming, right? - when we would drink from them and celebrate our Cubs in the World Series.

Two decades slid by. 

Now older and wiser, my teenage daughters devised a specific plan for using them. If - no, when! - the Cubs made it to the Series, we would wait till the conclusion of the seven-game match and then use our cups to toast their result: champagne for winning and beer even if they lose. 

My ever-practical youngest daughter asked to inherit the cups, if they were still unused at the time of my death. I gave her my blessing.

Another decade passed.

But this year - I still can barely believe it's real - this year, the Chicago Cubs are playing in the World Series.

And tonight is the seventh and final game of that contest.

Tonight, we will drink from the cups.

Ample supplies of both champagne and good cheap bleacher-caliber beer are cooling in my fridge, 
The cups are out of the pantry, and stand ready and waiting.

All that's left to do is play ball.

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