Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Solid Ground

In the past few days, temperatures have plummeted by 15 degrees or so.

Misty clouds have replaced the searing sun.

And while I have some mixed feelings about the change in season, let me say that Ranger is pumped.

Crisp September weather has put some much-needed pep in my pup's step, and after dragging through the long hot summer, this boy is back to his mischievous and playful ways.  

For months now, I've been able to let him go unleashed into the front yard, because all he wants to do is flop down in the shade and snooze. But this week, he's begun to slip off again, prancing beyond the borders of our yard, tail wagging happily as he patrols the neighbors' shrubbery and wanders down the street. 

And when waiting for me to tie my shoes and get going on our daily walk, instead of lying quietly on the front hall rug, he's been exploring this work-in-progress front yard dirt heap and biding his time in the mud.

Yes, he's a lot more work for me when he's feeling his sass. But I'm happy to chase my good old dog around again. 

I'm glad to see him back on solid ground. 

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