Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Simple Life

After a long, leisurely evening spent among the sweetly spirited Impressionist masters, with just a few minutes to spare before closing time, my daughters and I shot across the Seattle Art Museum to spend a few fleeting moments in our favorite gallery of modern art.


This minimalist, mostly abstract work is everything that Impressionism - natural and fresh and filled with dappled light - is not.

Yet both styles of art sing to me.

And in both, I see the world.

Because both are bursting with life. 

Watching people.

People watching people.

Watching cowboy Elvis.

Irregular orange rectangles

Stacked blue squares.

 I am seriously thinking about climbing them.

 Yellow fades to purple

Glass fractures light.

 Golden squares on squares.

 Geometry unleashed. 

I never tire of contemplating this simple life. 

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