Friday, January 15, 2016

Blogging From The Heart

See all the strong,solid skyscrapers standing shoulder to shoulder along the Seattle waterfront? 
They represent the big-time, money-making bloggers of this world

Now look for the tiny triangular tip of the quirky little Smith Tower, just barely visible in a tiny gap between the big boys, comically insignificant yet happily doing its own little thing. 

That, my friends, is my blog. Diane Again.

Exactly four years,
1461 days,
1269 blog posts,
and just over 200,000 page views ago,

I started writing this blog.

That represents a whole lot of hours - most of them after midnight - spent editing pictures, looking for links, and huddling over my keyboard to work out my stories.

Every single minute has been a joy.

I write because I love to write. Setting down my daily stories sharpens my ability to understand my own life, brings me fresh insights, and scratches my creative itch.

Rather than scribble away in a private journal, I share my thoughts with you because that's what humans do - we tell each other stories and recognize our own lives in one another's words.

I am thankful for everyone who encourages and supports my work. I don't collect many comments on my posts, but the people who take the time to comment on my links, message me, or share feedback when I bump into them at the grocery store, mean the world to me.

I really appreciate hearing from anyone who takes the time to read. It makes me happy to hear how my words affect your life.

* * * * *

My blog is a little blog in an internet landscape where giant blogs roam. I read just a handful of big-time bloggers but even so, I've noticed a sad trend. Most every author has recently written about their experience of losing the thrill of blogging, about going flat, about desiring to get back to what made them love blogging in the first place.

And all of those dissatisfied folks make the same resolution - to get back to blogging from the heart.

I feel bad for those bloggers but their predicament also makes me smile. Because I even though I don't have

sponsored posts
book deals
speaking engagements
or a steady stream of income from my blog,

I have something much better.

Because every single day that I open up a new post and poise my fingers over the keys, I get to blog from my heart.

Which makes me the luckiest blogger of all.

* * * * *

Here's the first blog story I ever wrote. Definitely came from my heart.

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