Monday, September 7, 2015

Road Trip Day 14: Wapiti, WY To West Yellowstone, MT

Off we go on another all-American family road trip. 

Two parents
Two daughters
A big red dog
And a car full of suitcases, leashes, a cooler, bags of food, blankets, pillows, maps, books, extra sweatshirts, water bottles, bags, backpacks, and a whole slew of electronic devices and their chargers. 

Where are we going and what will we do when we get there? Just wait and see. 

* * * * *

I'm not going to say that my family is obsessed with Yellowstone National Park.  But the fact is that my dog - MY DOG - has visited this granddaddy of a park three times during his short doggy life. 

First, in 2003 as a newly adopted pup. 
Next, in 2006, during a coast-to-coast road trip.
And again today. 

Head out the car window, nose quivering with delight, Ranger drank in the sights and smells of the wilderness. 

Strolling peacefully among the crowds, making new friends right and left, he was ever the gentleman. 

Waiting patiently for us to finish our adventures in no-dogs-allowed territory, and drinking endless bowls of water in a long series of parking lot refreshment breaks, my boy proved his worth as a hard-core road tripper and the consummate team player. 

Pretty sure he loved every minute. 

Distance covered today: 112 miles
Total trip so far: 4459 miles

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