Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Road Trip Day 10: Howell, MI

Off we go on another all-American family road trip. 

Two parents
Two daughters
A big red dog
And a car full of suitcases, leashes, a cooler, bags of food, blankets, pillows, maps, books, extra sweatshirts, water bottles, bags, backpacks, and a whole slew of electronic devices and their chargers. 

Where are we going and what will we do when we get there? Just wait and see. 

* * * * *

Well. There are few things as precious, rewarding, and downright soul-satisfying as bringing a smile to another person's face. 

And when that person happens to be your own mother, who suffers from advanced Leey Body Dementia, the joys are that much sweeter. 

So imagine the fun I am having by sharing my good boy, Ranger, with my dog-loving mother. 

He leans into her lap for ear rubs. 
She beams with happiness as she pets him. 
He naps at the side of her wheelchair, his hips tucked under her feet.
She laughs with delight as he exuberantly laps at his water dish. 

And while I am usually a stern stickler for doggy discipline, I must admit that my normal rules have been outrageously relaxed. 

She slips him human food right and left: half a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich, a handful of potato chips, four French fries. 

He brazenly climbs up on her previously forbidden couch and enthrones himself like a prince. 

What can I say. The time that the three of us can share together is far too short, so why not wring out every moment of happiness. I'll deal with my dog's new naughty habits later, but for now, the smiles on Mom's face make it all worthwhile. 

Distance covered today: 0 miles
Total trip so far: 2722 miles

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