Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time there was a dog who loved to sleep on rugs.

Now this furry beast had full bed-sleeping privileges too. And indeed, many a snoozy hour did he pass sprawled across the comfortable mattress or curled tight in a ball against his his humans' legs. 

But the simple fact of the matter is that he had a soft spot for floor naps, and made an hourly habit of climbing down from his lofty perch to cuddle up on a nearby rug. 

Now, as the decor gods would have it, his mistress lately taken up the trend for scattering several small rugs across the bedroom floor. This practice opened up a whole new realm of options for our hero. 

No longer limited to one meager green and white striped throw, this little hedonist can now choose the rug that best suits his comfort needs. 

On the warmest nights, the stripes are the way to go. Cool cotton lays the flattest against the floor, and allows just enough cush with plenty of room for the breezes to tickle both sides of his tummy. 

Alternatively, the brown-toned number is made of fuzzy fibers, like the down of a cozy nest. On the coolest nights, a fellow can find true comfort while curled here. 

And on all the days and nights in between the extremes, the orange triangles provide maximum of soft support for our hero's sweet dreams. If favorites were to be chosen, this one might just win the crown. 

But thankfully, there's no need for this lad to give up any of his luxurious landing pads. Like every true prince, my Ranger holds high standards for comfort and I'm only too happy to gain his contented approval. 

So we are both living happily ever after. 

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