Thursday, August 27, 2015

Road Trip Day 5: Olmsted Falls, OH

Off we go on another all-American family road trip. 

Two parents
Two daughters
A big red dog
And a car full of suitcases, leashes, a cooler, bags of food, blankets, pillows, maps, books, extra sweatshirts, water bottles, bags, backpacks, and a whole slew of electronic devices and their chargers. 

Where are we going and what will we do when we get there? Just wait and see. 

* * * * *

Northern Ohio. The heartland of America, where simple people live solid lives, my husband's home. Nestled at the southern shores of Lake Erie, the small towns and farmlands outside Cleveland are filled with family and the warm memories of those who have gone before us. This is a good place to have roots. 

Ahhhh. That's the sound of us spreading out and settling in to this familiar and comfortable place. For glory be, this is our primary destination and we plan to stay here for a few days. Though all of us are all happy to stretch out and relax, no one could possibly be more content than my hotel-bed-loving dog, Ranger. 

Distance covered today: 0 miles
Total trip so far: 2534

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