Tuesday, July 7, 2015


My second-born is hand-modeling a lime Outshine. She better not have taken the last one.

If you don't have a box of Outshine frozen fruit bars in your freezer right this very minute, you are missing out.

Frosty cool.
Refreshingly tangy.
Pleasantly sweet.
Satisfyingly healthy.

These summertime gems raise the concept of the popsicle to a whole 'nother level, and my entire family is addicted to the delicious madness.

Don't get me wrong. I know that the internet is practically tipping over these days, what with all the recipes for homemade frozen fruit treats. I take nothing away from the DIY foodies.

But at our house, we have no time for such fiddle faddle. We need our Outshines - lemon or strawberry preferred - and we need them NOW.

So I'n off to the grocery store to reload our stash yet again. See you at the freezer case.

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