Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cat Show

Welcome to my front porch. 

My plan was to tell you a simple story about how I've mixed things up out there to bring new life to the space where I sit everyday after my walk with Ranger. He lounges in the cool afternoon grass, tongue lolling and panting heavily in the summer heat, while I slip into this shady corner to enjoy a few chapters before dinner.

Honestly, it wasn't a fascinating tale.

But as the photo shoot unfolded, someone cute dropped in for a visit.

^ Little Luna, a sleek, slim shadow of black, wandered in...from the roof.

All three of my cats are quite adept at roof travel, which is a mean feat on our steeply sloped front face. Digging in their claws and testing each step with unusual caution, the clever babies keep an eye on us, stay clear of predators, and have also trained the humans to help them use the second story windows as their personal portals. 

But Luna wasn't interested in going inside. He was far more intrigued by the person with the camera.

^  He peered down, watching and wondering, I suppose, what was going on down below.

^ He perfected his pose for a charming silhouette, four tiny feet bunched together and a curvy tail.

^ And after a long look-see, Luna carefully ambled down along the length of the gutter, gloriously backlit by the evening sun. Then he hopped off at this low point and disappeared under a clump of lavender as he continued on with his busy day.

^ But as I turned around to walk back to my book and caught this tuxedo-clad gentleman staring at me from the front yard, I realized that the cat show was not over just yet.

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