Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pure Magic

We went to the beach to observe sunset on the longest day of the year. 

And what we saw was pure magic. 

^ To the southwest lies the Olympic Peninsula, with her tiny triangular purple peaks just barely popping up over the trees. 

^ Calm waters reflect a rosy glow of purples and pinks. 

^ Seconds later, breezes rearrange the clouds into a tidy half-circle and a sweet new scene is born. 

^ The  sun slips behind Whidbey Island and waters turn gold. 

^ As it steams away from the dock, the ferry's nose points to snow-covered Mount Baker up near the Canadian border. 

^ Distant cloud layers burn in sunset's fire, while a low-lying marine layer deepens to midnight blue. 

^ A perfect image of summer in the Pacific Northwest. 

Like I said, pure magic. 

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